Who am I?

Having graduated from the University of Montana, I am an English Degree holding, computer programming, guitar strumming, world exploring guy from Salt Lake City, Utah.

But more importantly, I have a skillset.

$skillset = array( 'PHP', 'JS/Jquery', 'HTML/CSS', 'Wordpress', 'Software Development', 'Writing', 'Teaching' );

Code Snippets

Modal (Html & CSS Only)
Social Share Images (JQuery Plugin)
Spam Protection (PHP)
Ajax Function with Callback

Wordpress Development

As a freelance developer, I develop fully responsive custom wordpress themes that meet the needs for my clients.
Storybook Proposals *

* - Worked with designer

I'm always building something

Words Application
An online diary that automatically saves your writing on a page each day. Application will eventually grow to allow users to esablish writing goals and potentially share their writing.

Currently a blog containing posts about my travel adventures. This site will be expanded and improved upon in the near future. For now you can read about my explorations and ideas. I did the design and wordpress theme developement for this blog.

AT&T Savings Buyflow
For my current employer, CLEARLINK, I developed the javascript/JQuery and UX for purchases orders on the AT&T Savings website.

University of Montana Employee Database
For my past employer Spectral Fusion Designs. I did the design and development of a fully editable and searchable database for the employees of the University of Montana.

Craigslist Wide Search
An application I made for fun that searches craigslist across multiple cities at once.

Javascript Game Engine
In my spare time I've been putting together some foundation code in order to eventually create browser games. Currently includes gravity, hit detection, position tracking and movement using the arrow keys.

Get in Touch.

I am especially interested in networking, partnerships, and big dreams or ideas.

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