Nov 16 2020


I want to know when my content is being read, and which content is the most valuable. At some point I want to add a way to "Continue the conversation", but for now I just want to track the activity on my website. I didn't use google analytics, even though that probably would have been the smart thing to do. So instead, I did the developer thing. I rolled my own.

Didn't take much, just a javascript component that pings my api with pageview information and a view to see that pageview information. I would be lying if I wasn't considering writing a blog article about my "roll-your-own" analytics component, but that's for another day, after the viewing of the analytics page isn't just a dump from the DB.

I'll probably use chartJS or something to make it look pretty, and when it's pretty that's when I'll share.

Thanks for reading!

Comments and questions are highly encouraged.

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