Just Work

Mar 30 2021

The phrase "Action begets motivation" is permanently imprinted on my mind. But sometimes I have to remember that thinking about doing something isn't the same as taking action. I could build a mountain out of the todo lists and ideas I've written down over the years. But that's not the same as work.

Recently I listened to the Tim Ferris podcast where he is speaking with Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry's advice if it was printed on a billboard for all to see is "Just Work". And "Work" is what I need to do more of. I am going to work on building an audience so that when I build something I am addressing real world problems and providing a real world solution.

In my last post I stated that building an audience is my goal for this year. From this goal I've had fears and speculations about why I wouldn't be able to build a following but I'm going to shut that out of my brain as much as I can for awhile. Instead I am going to focus on doing the work.

Here is the work I did today:

  • I wrote this blog post
  • I joined Makerlog to keep me accountable
  • I replied to several tweets, and tweeted a post myself

I am going to keep on tweeting, keep on blogging, and keep being active in communities. By doing this I will expose myself to more people and make it more likely that I will find my tribe.

Thanks for reading!

Comments and questions are highly encouraged.

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