Trying to reduce writing friction

Aug 4 2020

I would like to blog more

Yes I say that a lot, and I always find excuses. Part of what's the issue I believe is that I experience a ton of friction when I set out to write something. I've tried to find ways around this, but I haven't loved a solution yet. At the moment of writing this article, I currently have a home-made markdown to html editor. This is definitely better that what I have used in the past, which was WYSIWYG editors that look terribly out of place. But I've been brainstorming a new idea:

Google Drive!

I could write articles in a folder on google drive, then use their API to grab the files I have written and populate blog posts with the content. I got this idea from an article I read about someone power their website with Trello - which is something I would like to try at some point, maybe even make a "how to" article around it. But for me the biggest win would be hopefully reducing the amount of friction I experience when writing blog posts.

Thanks for reading!

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