14 Day Product challenge

Oct 28 2020

14 Day Product Challenge

I joined this challenge by Gumroad 2 days ago and am currently on day 3. I have thought about creating products for years, and have even attempted to build them in the past. I published a children's book 2 years ago but that never got any traction. This time around I want to follow the action items all the way until launch.

What I am most scared about is building an audience. The imposter syndrome sets in and I keep thinking that no one in their right mind would purchase a product I create. It doesn't matter that I've been in the software engineering world as a professional since 2009. To fight this, I keep reminding myself that I am creating value. If the product I create is valuable then the customers will come.

I will be announcing my product on Twitter, Medium, and here soon. I hope to continue momentum by continuing actions.

"Action creates motivation". Not the other way around.

See you soon.

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