What am I doing now?

Life Updates

Still living in SLC, UT.

Things are looking good for our wedding this year. We unfortunately had to postpone last year due to Covid-19

I bought a raft this year! River trips have been going really well. We have been able to take friends and family on some outings and share the experience with them

I would like to start telling more stories. More on that to come. But I have some ideas for creating more for the sake of creating


Building MySpace From Scratch using Node + Nuxt. I'm building it out of curiosity, and to grow my audience.

A Twitter Automator. This is very much in progress and will allow me to write a bunch of tweets at one time and schedule out when they get tweeted.

Story Telling Just in the brainstorming phase right now, but taking action soon.


Going to the gym 3/4 times a week. Hoping to improve my overall health, and look a little better

Write and read every day

My motto for this year is "No Fear". I'm building and writing without letting imposter syndrom and anxiety get in the way.


East of Eden - John Stienbeck
(5 stars)

The Emerald Mile - Kevin Fedarko
(4 stars)

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

A Promised Land - Barack Obama