What am I doing now?

Life Updates

Became a father in October! #girldad

Read 30 books & counting this year

Trips: England, Virgina, Toronto, Sun Valley, & Vegas

Shot a personal best 89 in golf this year

My work acquired our biggest competititor!

Projects Using AI to talk to Santa!

Swag Panda NFT Built and published an NFT with a landing page you can mint from while learning Smart Contract Development

Reading / Book Ratings I published a list of books I've read and what I rate them out of 10

Writing Articles On Medium

That's Cool Saving the world, one phrase at a time.

Farsi Flash Cards Work in progress. A site that teaches Farsi with phonetic flash cards

Brand AI Work in progress. Generates branding, keywords, and blog titles for a new business.


Reading every single day

Learning how to sell

Move more, eat less

"No Fear". Don't let insecurities or anxiety get in the way of building, writing, and sharing.