What am I doing now?

Life Updates

Still living in SLC, UT.

Things are looking good for our wedding this year. We unfortunately had to postpone last year due to Covid-19

I bought a raft this year! We are planning a few river trips over the summer with friends.

We are looking for investment properties for either long or short term rental. But the market is crazy right now, so it could be awhile.


Building MySpace From Scratch using Node + Nuxt. I'm building it out of curiosity, and to grow my audience.


Going to the gym 3/4 times a week. Hoping to improve my overall health, and look a little better

Doing whatever I can to get daylight during the day.

My motto for this year is "No Fear". I'm building and writing without letting imposter syndrom and anxiety get in the way.


A Promised Land - Barack Obama

East of Eden - John Stienbeck