Updated April 23, 2024

Life Updates

👶 In my first year as a #girldad

📖 Reading: 31 books in 2023, can I beat that?

✈️ California, Mexico, NYC

⛳ Still golfing, but a lot less

🛹 longboarding , 🏀 basketball, and 🔴 kickball


Night of the Pirates My first Children's Book. AI SaaS to chat with Santa Claus.

Swag Panda NFT My personal NFT project. Taught me Web3 and Solidity.

Rating Books I Read I rate them out of 10.

Writing On Medium Mostly coding tutorials.

Tool to Stop Saying Cool Where the phrase "Swag Panda" came from

Zero To Developer E-Book published for Gumroad's #14DayProductChallenge

Farsi Flash Cards (Work in progress) Learn Farsi with phonetic flash cards


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Reading every single day

Move more, eat less