Updated June 11, 2024

Life Updates

👶 In my first year as a #girldad

📖 Reading: 31 books in 2023, can I beat that?

✈️ California, Mexico, NYC

⛳ Still golfing, but a lot less

🛹 longboarding , 🏀 basketball, and 🔴 kickball


Night of the Pirates My first Children's Book.

Rating Books I Read I rate them out of 10.

Blogging Blogging here and on Medium AI SaaS to chat with Santa Claus.

Swag Panda NFT Personal NFT project. Web3, Solidity. Opensource for others to learn.

Tool to Stop Saying Cool Where the phrase "Swag Panda" came from

Zero To Developer E-Book published for Gumroad's #14DayProductChallenge


Reading every single day

Action begets motivation