What am I doing now?

Life Updates

My wife and I are expecting! #girldad

Trips this year: England, Virgina, Toronto, Sun Valley, & Vegas

Shot a personal best 89 in golf this year

Spent over 20 days this year skiing. With Alta getting 900 inches of snow fall it was a good year to slide down snow.


Swag Panda NFT Built and published an NFT with a landing page you can mint from while learning Smart Contract Development

Reading / Book Ratings I published a list of books I've read and what I rate them out of 10

Writing Articles On Medium

That's Cool Saving the world, one phrase at a time.

Farsi Flash Cards Work in progress. A site that teaches Farsi with phonetic flash cards

Brand AI Work in progress. Generates branding, keywords, and blog titles for a new business. Work in progress. Using AI to talk to Santa!


Reading every single day

Learning how to sell

Move more, eat less

"No Fear". Don't let insecurities or anxiety get in the way of building, writing, and sharing.