What am I doing now?

Life Updates

Living in Salt Lake City

Got Married!

Our typical foreign country trips were replaced with local adventures. We've been getting out rafting and camping with friends a fair amount this year.

I would like to start telling more stories. More on that to come. But I have some ideas for creating more for the sake of creating


Swag Panda NFT Built and published an NFT with a landing page you can mint from while learning Smart Contract Development

Reading / Book Ratings I published a list of books I've read and what I rate them out of 10

Building MySpace From Scratch using Node + Nuxt. (On pause due to lack of engagement)

That's Cool Saving the world, one phrase at a time.


Going to the gym 2/3 times a week. Trying to run 2/3 times a week as well

Write and read every day

My motto for this year is "No Fear". I'm building and writing without letting imposter syndrom and anxiety get in the way.