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Nov 18 2020

Motivation is overrated. It's fleeting and unpredictable. More importantly, it doesn't yield results which is why you're waiting for motivation in the first place.

That's why action comes first. When you take action, you are actually DOING something, and that process of doing something opens the flood gates for doing even more.

But what if I don't know what to do?

Just pick something, anything, and do that. One action leads to another action. In taking action you learn along the way which leads to better / more impactful actions.

I'm writing this for me

I recently finished the #14DayProduct challenge. In that time constraint I wrote, edited, published, and marketed my EBook. I took action because I didn't have the time not to. Once that was published I have caught the drag of waiting for motivation for the next idea. I'm writing this for myself to remind myself that it doesn't work that way. Just do something, and the motivation will come later.

My next post will be about something I'm doing. Not just ideas.

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