Audience Building Part 2

Jun 1 2022

A year ago I made a goal for myself to reach 1000 followers on twitter by the end of 2021. At the time I only had 85 followers. It's been over a year and I did not reach my goal. Today I only have 405 followers

I have myself to blame

I outlined a strategy for reaching 1000 followers and then entirely failed to follow that strategy. I can say that when I have followed the strategy I outlined I have seen an increase in followers. Here is the breakdown of the strategy and what I have done so far:

Tweet 5x a week

I don't do this. But I am getting better at it. Recently I have been posting 3x a week across random subjects. I have seen more engagement from this, and the more content I have on my page the more likely they will be to follow my profile.

Continue writing blog posts (here and on Medium)

This blog hasn't seen a ton of readership, but when I post articles on Medium there is engagement. Some of that engagement has most likely lead to followers on Twitter.

Share my best work on Indie Hackers, Hacker News, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook

I haven't posted on any of these in the past year with links to my content. But the next time I write a really good article I will post a link to that article across some of these and hopefully drive more traffic.

Reply/Comment on other people's work every day.

I don't do enough of this. And I know this is the key item towards gaining the next 600 followers. Every time I spend 30 minutes or so replying to recent tweets with thoughtful responses I have people liking my post as well as following my profile. If there is one spot to focus on that is least effort with the highest reward it's this.

I have heard that doors start to open when you reach 1000 followers, so that is still the first milestone. At this pace I will most likely get there but a lot slower than I would like. For the next month I am going to amend my strategy slightly:

  • Reply to 1-3 threads, 5-6 days a week
  • Create 1-2 tweets, 4-5 days a week
  • Create 2 really good twitter threads this month (and post links to those threads across discords)

I will check in on my progress again, and continue to keep myself accountable.

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