Lazy Lions, Bored Apes, Swag Pandas - Oh My!

Nov 5 2021

Well, it happened. I got into NFT's.

And I mean I really got into NFT's. What started as a note I left for myself: "Look into Solidity and Crypto Zombies" ended in me building my own NFT project: SwagPanda

I wrote a thread on the whole process Here On Twitter

Since then I have collabed on a few other projects as a developer and I have been doing my best to help the community via Discord channels. There's a ton of momentum and enthusiasm in this space, I'm excited where this all will lead. Personally I think the permissionless activity of creating our own future is the most exciting part of the space. Here are some objectives for myself in the coming months:

  1. Sell out an NFT Project that I am working on
  2. Work on providing utility for token holders via API
  3. Learn about liquidity pools and staking
  4. Find something that's missing in the space, and build a solution.


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