The Beauty of Zelda

Nov 13 2020

Last weekend I purchased the remake of "Zelda: Links Awakening" on the Switch. Since then I've been obsessed, again.

See, Links Awakening was the first video game I fell in love with. I would play it on my old brick of a Gameboy in the back of the car on family road-trips. Back when there was no backlight, so I'd be straining my eyes to continue to play as the sun went down.

And here I am, 20+ years later, and I'm in love with the game all over again.

It has everything you want in a game: challenge, adventure, mystery, problem solving. But none of the fluff. While not a true open world game, it feels like one and unlink open world games there is something different and worth exploring in every corner of the game.

More games should be made like Links Awakening. Smaller, more concise, but FUN!

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